How To Turn Off Narrator voice talking in Xbox One

Everything worked fine since the recent update had applied on my Xbox One console. The system keep saying everything which I select through dashboard aloud while navigated. It was incredibly annoying and randomly started doing it. Somebody talk me it is Narrator function that is a screen reader for reading text, buttons, and other elements but I could not figure out how to disable annoying voice commentating settings. Continue reading

How to play background music and audio on Xbox One

The latest system update called Summer Update brings many new features to Xbox One console, such as Cortana, Improved Game Collection and more. Background Music is the highly requested feature and offers a way for you to listen to your favorite music in the background while playing video game. I always want to play a movie with background music paying instead of the movie soundtrack, and it is perfect. Continue reading

Top/Best External USB Hard Drive for Xbox One S

The Xbox One S include 500 GB, 1 TB and even 2 TB options of internal space, but you might keep running into storage issues. The video games become more complex and large sizes for downloads, so installed apps and games in the console will fill up that storage quickly. To resolve it, you could try to use External USB Hard drive to add some more storage. Continue reading

How to Disable Hey Cortana and enable Xbox Voice Commands on Xbox One

Recently Microsoft has updated the system to use the the Cortana assistant and replace Xbox voice commands in the Xbox One console. Now the console requires the Internet network for processing all your “Hey Cortana” voice commands on Microsoft’s servers, so it becomes much slower wille gives gamers the more powerful searches results. The old voice commands by using a Kinect are only processed entirely on local device but can not deal with a web search or your questions about the status of a flight. If you don’t need to fetch the information and just navigate the interface, try the tips to speed up that. Continue reading

How to record more than 5 minutes on Xbox One S

By default the built-in Xbox DVR function allows you to record only a 5-minute of gameplay on Xbox One S console, so you have to get your whole amazing moment within the limit time. Many users are looking for a way to record Longer time of their play moments and share with friends or the world. To resolve this downside problem and bypass the 5-minute restriction, you could use capture cards to record videos in high definition quality or try the tutorial if you don’t care of the quality. Continue reading

Recommended USB hub/splitter work with Xbox One S

I just got my Xbox One S for playing the 4k video game and it doesn’t have more USB ports foe me. Now I would like to buy a USB hub or splitter to connect the console with those devices, including my external HDD, Turtle Beach Elite 800x headset and one for the charging cable to charge my controllers. For those who picked up this new device, can you invest in a USB hub to use adapter or do others, and if that is easy to set up to get it working? Continue reading

Fix Xbox One S 4K stream and HDR not working with netflix

I have a LG 49UF6490 Tv which supports HRD and 4K features and get an Xbox One S to grow a nice 4K Blueray Library. After I plugged it in and set it up then tried to to watch 4K movie in Netflix using built-in app, it just said I have HDR turned off so the BlueRays or Netflix will not show any 4K programming. I went through the home Menu and still could not find the HDR option. Now I am unable to get the 4K stream and HDR working with my new console. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading