Fix Xbox One Game Installs Stuck At 0%

There might be some problems When you get starting with the new Xbox One console. One minor issue is that of installing your game while you insert the disc into the drive to begins installing a couple of game. Before doing that, it seems to be trying to download the update first but then the process stays at 0%. Microsoft don’t release any official suggestion to fix it.

If Xbox One stuck on getting ready to update or game installs stuck at 0%, here are some useful tips to resolve the problem.
* The simple method
1. First cancel the install, and the device disconnect from the internet.
2. Once you have done that, resume installing while it is offline.
If it need to download the particular game’s update, the game will halt installing and you have to go online and the same problem comes again.
* Other solution
1. For your console, go to Settings and reset it to factory default, 2. Don’t insert the game disc while the console is setting up.
3. Make a Disconnection from the internet to insert the game. Waiting for a couple of mins on 0%, and then you would see it starts installing properly.

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