Fix Xbox one Headset not working problem

I played my Xbox one for the first time in a week. However, when I tried to play MW2, I just discovered that my wired headset is not working at all. I didn’t turn down, the volume on its headset. The mic and mute light still worked, except that the “little green bubble” wouldn’t light up and nobody could hear what I said. I , turning off and on, checked my settings, and made a replacement with mics and it didn‘t take any effects. I noticed that a couple of my friends also have got the same problem.

If you get Xbox one Headset not working issues, try the following tips to resolve it:
* First make sure you have plugged the headset in fully.
* take the battery out, turn off the console, replace the battery and then turn on both of the console and the controller.
* Press the little button the right of the memory ports on the console, and also the controller’s button next to the charge port. When the rings of light are circling. all of them are looking for each other and any new attached hardware. That usually fixes it.
Other simply method
* You just need to delete your profile, re-signed in and then the mic should be working. All everything with your own profile have been saved the cloud, so don’t worry about the information.
* Go to Home screen, press the Menu button on your controller.
* Select Settings, > “Remove accounts” under OTHER PEOPLE. And select the account which you want to remove, and then select Choose this person > Remove from this Xbox

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