how to disable hand gestures on xbox one

The Xbox One and Kinect sensor offer six common navigation gestures for getting the best experience, such as Return to Home, Make a selection and Scroll through a screen. However, I get stuck in with some suggestions and would like Microsoft to bring some tweaks. Because this feature is really annoying me and I need an option to let me be able to disable hand navigation gestures seriously.

I really need to turn hand gestures off. For example, I always come back to the Xbox channel. I have to be picked up to do stuff in my chair and then move my hands to do the tasks. I just want to use voice comamand rather than in game.

My friend also get the same problem. When the family are watching tv and his wife flip through pages as she was reading newspaper, it turns on itself and the screen get the hand icon.

Very disappointing that it is no way to only disable gestures forever or always. To temporarily disable the Navigation Gestures for the kinnect, I have to disable kinect completely. It seems to be the only way and ridiculous obviously.

When you are watching TV, you could go into Settings > Kinect, and turn off the whole Kinect sensor.

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