Transfer Xbox 360 Live account to Xbox One

I have used my 360 console for a long time and it offers amazing graphics and gameplay. I purchased an entire subscription and currently there is a Xbox 360 Live account with about 6 months left on that. Now I have received a new Xbox One to play games such as GTA V and Call of Duty Ghost. I notice that some Live pre-order cards come with lots of games for launch day. Compared to the original console,I am wonder should I purchase another new Xbox Live account for X1 or only transfer my main account over.

Can I still use my current gamertag and gold membership on the Xbox One?
If you choose to keep it, you are able to still stay your current Xbox Live Gamer tag and your current Xbox Live Gold membership to work on Xbox One. These things will be transferred to Xbox One, including your hard-earned Gamer score and Achievements.
You can also get the same Gamer tag while signing into both the 360 and One at the same time, without losing any information.

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