Fix xbox one can’t turn on party chat issues

I have got major issues with party chat while using the XBox one in different games (Assasins Creed and COD:Ghosts). I and one of my friends can join the same party. However, when I clicked on “Turn Party Chat On” button, the circle kept spining and then showed “Cannot join party chat at this time. Please try again later” error message. Then I try to invite other to the party in the COD:Ghosts, but still get the same problem.

like the 360, the Party chat on Xbox One always become unavaliable and is peer to peer. A lot of people have reported that they are unable to join into a party chat with friends. Here are some useful tips about how to fix the issues.

* First make sure the NAT Type is setted as Open. If your NAT is strict, it is hard to join anything.
Press the Menu button on the controller, select Settings > Network, and check if the NAT Type field is “open” under Current Network Status.
* Press the Menu button, go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings, and set IP Address and DNS to Automatic, and also set Alternate MAC Address to Clear. Then restart the device.
* If the above methods are still not working at all, go to your power settings and turn on energy saver mode. Simply select Power & startup, and change the Power Mode to “Energy-saving”. Finaly make a full reboot with your Xbox machine.

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