How to Redeem standard/QR Code on Xbox One for game or movie

Microsoft has released two of the best gaming consoles including the new Xbox One and Xbox 360, but they represent different technologies with software and hardware to be the video gaming machine. Now contents can be purchased in Microsoft’s Xbox Store, such as game-add-ons, television shows, movies, as well as use prepaid cards and small QR codes available at local stores to get inside games.

How to Redeem a code on Xbox One for store credit, game add-ons, television shows and more
* It is very easy to redeem a code for a game or add-on with Xbox One console.
* First you need to have a square-shaped QR code from a game, or scratch away the covering to reveal a code on a prepaid card.
* Enable the Kinect and stand in front of your Xbox One. Then speak “Xbox, use a code.” message. You device will quickly direct any QR codes you give.

If you don’t plug in the Kinect, try the way below:
* Open the Store app from main screen.
* Select “Use a Code” from the menu on the right.
* Now input the numbers and letters that make up standard codes.

Note: You can only redeem a code once.
Gamers can also log in at to redeem Xbox codes

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