How to Snap/unSnap app on XBox one

The Xbox One comes with snap feature which makes it easily to use two experiences side-by-side and allows you to open multiple panes in a single window. With the feature, I started up the Twitter program and snapped in Killer Instinct game, so I can read news and continue fighting. Really love its full potential.

How to Snap/unSnap app on XBox one
* First you need to create a Snap while running a game or app.
Navigate back to the Home menu by pressing your Xbox button on control. And then select the Snap panel to open a snap sidebar.
The small sidebar is showing the available list in right-inside your main window. Now choose one app you want to use and its Snap window will be opened.
In the addition, if you have Kinect 2.0, try the command “Xbox Snap” or “Xbox Snap (insert-app-here)”, like “Xbox Snap netflix”.
To access the new party, saying “Xbox Snap party”.
* If you need to close a Snapped app, press the Xbox button to return to the home menu and choose “Unsnap” option.
For Kinect, the command is “Xbox Unsnap”
* To switch between the main app and a Snapped app, just double-tap the Xbox button on the controller to switch between them, or saying “Xbox switch”

There is still some issues. It seems that the Skype app can’t enter snap mode for a video chat while in game. It is not available and we should wait for the fix.

2 thoughts on “How to Snap/unSnap app on XBox one

  1. roger

    How do you get rid of xbox “snap”??? Ive quit, unsnapped but that only hides it and places a snap icon on the game tile for it to run snap every time i click on the game. How do i get rid of snapped apps so that it doesnt run snapped! Ive wasted weeks trying to find out. Frustrating…. please help.. ive even twice tried xbox online help but gave up each time after waiting over 25mins. 🙂


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