How to Update your Xbox One system Dashboard

By default if the console’s Instant-On mode have been enabled, the Xbox One automatically checks for these types of software updates. A number of Xbox one System Update or the software dashboard is scheduled for uers to get new features and access to more entertainment.

How to Update your Xbox One system Dashboard
* Press the Guide button on your controller. If you have plugged in Kinect 2 sensor, say “Xbox, Go Home”.
* Select “My games & apps” from the screen, or say “Xbox, go to My Games and Apps.”
* Go to the Settings > “Power and start up” in the center, and then select the Power Mode (Energy Saving) option to enable the Instant-On.

Once the updates for Xbox One are available, your device will download them in the background. When they are live, you can get the permission for that to starting the installtion. If you have connected to Xbox Live, the latest software update should be checked automatically.

However, you are not allowed to download any software updates to a flash drive to make the update for a friend or family members.

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