XBox one lacks Flash player for Internet Explorer

The built-in Internet Explorer supports for modern web standards on Xbox One. However, when I booted up IE Browser to watch some online TV shows or full episodes from website, most of them are not working and only show a few error message “Internet Explorer in Xbox 360 cannot install Flash”. It seems to be no available flash player for being downloaded onto the new console. How can I stream video via this app? Is it complained about Flash?

The Internet Explorer on Xbox One is crippled, because it is not fairly full-featured version and doesn’t support Flash which is a dead media for the most part, even Adobe encourage people to use HTML5. So HTML5 is the future with the standard for web videos and the IE app does do the good job with HTML 5 video playback.

For YouTube, access with enable HTML5 support and it works fine in IE. But a lot of streaming sites using Flash won’t be accessible on the XB1, such as anime sites, Plex, Pandora, South Park Studios, and music players.

5 thoughts on “XBox one lacks Flash player for Internet Explorer

  1. Omar Muthana

    So the one year Super Bowl is streamed on the internet you have it blocked? Way to go Xbox, as a gaming center I should sell off everything of yours. Why did I waste my money on your products? Microsoft I suggest you have a nice board meeting and fire who ever is currently in charge cause this year you are going to loose a lot of money….

  2. Dennis

    my flash player was working till latest console update I used xfinity speed test and dslreports to check speed and bufferbloat on xbox one e browser now unable to check either. dslreports stops when upload test starts and a error screen pops up. xfinity doesn’t show map like recent issues with flash on normal computer till latest adobe update. disappointed 👎


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