Xbox one network error We’re not sure what’s wrong issues

I have used a Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 modemin my house. My Windows 7 laptop connects fine to internet. However, after I input the password to the network setting on my new Xbox one console and try to test with my multiplayer connection, I get the error “We’re not sure what’s wrong” message. Now I am unable to get on Live and can’t figure out how to resolve the problem.

The“We’re not sure what’s wrong” message means that your Xbox one console can’t connect to Xbox Live and the network connection test can’t diagnose the issue by itself. I think it is possible that your ISP has locked the interface for you to use it or the Firewall block the port.

How to unlock the prot with Motorola’s Modems/Gateways
* Open a web browser like IE, type in the address bar and press Enter.
* Enter the username (admin) and password (motorola)
* Select Firewall > Web Filter, uncheck the “IP Flood Detection and Firewall Protection”, and then click Apply button.

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