Xbox One smartglass app Your Microsoft Account is locked 0x80a40014

Previously the two factor verification with text messages has been enabled to my Windows phone to log in by my own Microsoft account. And my primary gamer ID works fine on my Xbox one without any problem, However, when I try to log in another family member, a error message “Your Microsoft Account is locked to learn more go to 0x80a40014” error message pops up. I go to test the same account on my old Xbox 360 and everything is fine.

My friend also get the same problem while logging into the Xbox One smartglass app. He woke up to turn on his xbox one and filled out a captcha and got there have been too many wrong password entries warning. He reseted the password a few times and then it said the account is locked.

Now I am still looking around for a solution. calling xbox support doesn’t resolve the issues. That should be fixed soon, so I can get my original account back.

26 thoughts on “Xbox One smartglass app Your Microsoft Account is locked 0x80a40014

  1. Ronnie

    My son has his own profile with me and the other day when he went to go sign in it brought up a password so I put in my password and it kept saying that it was wrong now it’s locked and won’t let him sign in . I’m just trying to figure out what the problem is. It has never let him put in a password before so we couldn’t understAnd y it did now

    1. ROCIO DEL ALBA gutierrez ruiz

      Al querer entrar a mi perfil hace unos días me pedía una contraseña. Nunca se configuró una contraseña y nunca antes me había solicitado una contraseña para poder iniciar sesión. Ahora me dice que mi cuenta está bloqueada. Sin embargo, si puedo entrar a verificar mi correo electrónico en esta cuenta.

    2. Terrissa Caldwell

      My son was asked for his password which he did try to do it put the wrong password several times and is now locked out, please help. Usually when you forget your password it will send it to your email.

  2. John

    When I turn on my xbox one I try to play a game I have called forza 5 & it just says my account is locked. How do I unlock it.

  3. Mike

    I am having problems playing my Xbox one system, namely Forza 5 or Forza Horizon 2. But only under my profile ,not under anyone else on my game system. It tells me that I am locked out of my Microsoft account. Our Microsoft account is under my wife’s name not mine. And it is paid up. Please let me know I can unlock my profile so that I my enjoy playing my games again.

  4. chris

    im locked out of my account and don’t no what to do how do i get my password plzz help me out i didn’t buy the xbox live for nothing

  5. iker

    no me funciona mi xbox one me pide contraseña, la pongo y me dice que visite la pág., la visito y pongo de nuevo la contraseña en el xbox y no sirve.

  6. Darren Bullimore

    Seriously thinking about going to playstation keep getting stupid problems from Microsoft and xbox and no conclusions or problems being fixed plus trying to get any help is ridiculous just so frustrating


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