How to access recent players list in Xbox one Friends app

Many people were needing to see the recent players and I noticed that this was missing on my friends app but Xbox 360 has it for many years. I meet a girl in Call of Duty Ghost game and forgot her gamertags. it was stupid I could find the function. To resolve the major issue, Microsoft rolls out big System Update for March 2014 with new features, such as Cross-app Party Chat, Invite friends Twitch, Recent players and 50Hz output support.

The “Recent Players.” is a simple list that shows you Xbox Live members who you have recently played with on your XBox one. The Friends app in home screen also offers a faster way to access to Friends list and select the social tile with your avatard in the default Home section of the Dashboard.

To get see the recent players list on Xbox one, simply select the Friends app from Home screen, and then the “Recent Players” in the left-side pane. You will see a list of the Xbox Live members you’ve recently played with in the right pane of the screen.

4 thoughts on “How to access recent players list in Xbox one Friends app

  1. Pablo Mc96

    There is a way, select the friends app. Atthe top where it says ‘change view’ hit that and select recent players

  2. carlton

    Just recently got my Xbox one, the machine made by gamers for gamers right ?
    Well what gamer made the menus and dashboard so totally stupid, unfathomable, and frustrating.

    May I suggest you sack the idiot and give the job to the person who designed the 360 dashboard…


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