How to Clean Xbox One Wireless Controllers

Once you have played around your Xbox One console for a long time, the Wireless Controller might get pretty dirty. For me, mine has oily and the Y button stick all the time. In order to let them become more sanitary and function better, you’d better clean them.

Instructions: How to Clean Xbox One Wireless Controllers without taking it apart
* First you need to have some toothpicks, cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol onit, and a table with a clean surface.
* Put your contorls on the table, Use a toothpick to Scrape off the dirt carefully. If it is difficulty to get rid of that, you could try a pin or a needle to loosen it.
* Run the pointy side of the toothpick to clean the start and back buttons, and then use the little point of the toothpick with the seam of its top and bottom.
* For any stain, put a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto the swabs to get it away.
* If you would like to clean it inside, the easier way is to get a T-8 torx driver and take the controller apart but that may break it.

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