How to remove/delete console update on XBox one

I have download and install the early access kinect updates on my XBox one, but it seem to make me unable to communicate with my friends correctly. Now I can’t play any games with party chat, so I would like to delete the new update and reture to the original OS. Is there any way to remove or downgrade the system update to the old dashboard for the console?

I am pretty sure that there is no way to remove the update with the new dashboard. Changing the HDD won’t “delete” the system update and the system update doesn’t allows you to remove it. If you do that, you will be unable to get on xbox live.

However, you can go to clear your cache to deletes all updates for your online games. Another useful way is to buy a whole new xbox one because the device should have not been applied recent updated. Hope it helpful for you.

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  1. John coughlin

    Xbox one recently updated my box. When it did that it automatically took control over the remote control for my new Samsung 4k smart tv. Now I can’t access the smart features on my tv. I can only use it to access the one guide on xbox one. I prefered my easy access from my smart tv. How do I undo this update


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