How to Take Screenshots in Xbox One games

I know with PlayStation 4 you can take screenshots while from the home screen or playing a game and upload them to an online service. However, I am wondering if Xbox One has a feature like this. I really need to capture an image (like printscreen) on xbox one to share with my friends.

Nope. You can record videos and not screenshots. Hoping Microsoft could add the build-in function at some point. But some video capture hardware can help you get the screenshots for that. You need a computer and a graphics card with the HDMI inputs for high def or the external USB video capture device.

1. Install graphics card or plug it in external USB device on your computer.
2. Hook your Xbox One directly to the device, and power on Xb1. Your computer will get the signal from the console.
3. Now you should be able to view the output right on your montior using the software and use the print screen key in Windows PC or command+shift 3 on a Mac to take screenshots.

Update: With the new 2015 update, you are able to snap screenshots of gameplay, post your screenshots to your activity feed, attach them to messages and share them on Twitter.
It offers a couple of different ways to take Screenshots:
1. Double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y button to save it.
2. Another method is to say “Xbox Take a Screenshot” to do that.

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