Netflix/Hulu app not Working on Xbox one with cannot connect error

I have installed some live streaming apps on my new Xbox one, but any of them like netflix, hulu plus, Amazon Instant Video and red box apps is not working at all. I try them on my computer and everything works fine over the same network. It shows “cannot connect” errors and direct me to contact each company’s support forums. The issues only happens after I downloaded and installed an update for Xbox video on my console.

If your Xbox one get cannot connect error with Netflix or other apps, obviously it is a problem with the Xb1. I have done a hard reset and the issue persists there. Fianlly i follwoing the method to fix the issues.
1. Go back to home screen, move right and then remove your account.
2. Turn off the console as well as remove and disconnect the power supply.
3. Wait for about a minute, make a reconnection, turn on the device.
4. Go to add account and test the connection.
5. The last step is to launch the application to check if it is working.

2 thoughts on “Netflix/Hulu app not Working on Xbox one with cannot connect error

  1. noah

    It’s a dns problem go to settings network settings advance settings then put dns as auotmatic it should fix the issue,…… if that doesn’t work then i guess your way is the next option and dont forget to turn console off and on after you press dns automatic and click b 2 times then a before you turn off

  2. Jason

    Had same problem. Went to ready to install through desktop and installed easily that way. Going through the app store did not work nor did dashboard.


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