One guide wrong channels Time warner cable in Xbox One

I have setup Stream live TV TWC on my Xbox One and everything worked fine. After my TV provider Time Warner Cable rearranged their channel lineup on 3-13-2014, my One Guide showed the wrong channels obviously and still stayed at the original lineup. I went to clear its history in one guide but nothing was working. Trying voice command “Xbox, watch NBC” didn’t run to correct station number and only ran into the old channels. How to fix the issues?

Many people have the same issues after TWC change the channel lineup. I think there is a lag in the programming between the two systems perhaps and Xbox one should have an update for the part. Sometime I use “watch channel” command and it is fine.

To resolve the wrong channels with Live TV on One guide, you could try the tips below:
* Restore your console to factory Defaults setting
Go to the Home screen, press the Menu button on your Controller, select Settings > System > Restore factory defaults, and then select Yes button.
* Setup your Live TV again
Launch the TV app, select “Start” to begin the process, and follow the Prompt to finish it.

One thought on “One guide wrong channels Time warner cable in Xbox One

  1. Nick

    Factory Default is a bit extreme. Simply opening up the settings on the the OneGuide and re-choosing your provider should update the channel guide. Sadly, I am having the same issue as you and it is an issue between Microsoft and TWC. Either TWC has not sent MS an updated guide, or MS has not updated its guide that it got from TWC. WE unfortunately cant do anything about it… but just wait…..


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