Setup OneDrive app on Xbox One and share Videos on YouTube

The SkyDrive app on Xbox One is officially relaunched as OneDrive with achievements and has come with a bunch of new features. After you capture gameplay using the Game DVR and use the Upload Studio to edit and personalise them, the OneDrive app not only offers a very easy process to share these clips with the Xbox Community or Facebook or YouTube video website, but also let you view photos and slideshows straight from your console.

Download the OneDrive app from Xbox Live’s Store
Sign in with your Xbox Live gamertag, select apps > Browse Apps, locate the OneDrive and get it.
Once it have been installed, select “apps, My Apps” > OneDrive

Sign in and view OneDrive
You need to have a free OneDrive account.
Enter your username and password to sign in

From the “Photos and Video” hub, all photo or video on your Xbox One are listing over there.

Navigate to the shared hub, you can access the folders to share with other users of OneDrive. For example, select your gaming clip which you have created, click on the “Sharing” dropbox from a list of options at the right of the clip, and then “Share” from there. Then tweet its link on Twitter or post on Facebook.

Note: Temporarily, you will use this function to have a direct link to upload videos to YouTube and Facebook social media sites in 2014 year. So you have to download the clip onto your computer’s hard drive, and upload to Youtube.

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