Working Xbox One keyboard shortcuts

The Xbox One isn’t just for playing games, and you can also use it as home entertainment center for doing a lot of things, such as watch tv shows, sports and other entertainment programming, use Windows 8.1 apps, and chat with your friends and family. To improve the experience for Non-Gamers and Gamers, Microsoft release two sets of updates. The February 11 give you the power to switch between tasks using voice commands, as well as the march firmware allows you to use the addition of the keyboard.

The Keyboard shortcuts are available for common actions and website navigation with Xbox One. I have connected my Logitech wireless keyboard and figure out these working commands with the console.
Esc: when you want to erase all text input box.
Tab: choose the Item from the list.
Arrows: used to point or indicate direction.
Num Lock: enable or disable the numeric pad.
Page Up/Down: scroll up or down in documents.
Ctrl + A: select all text.
Backspace: delete Words or go back to the previous page in internet Explorer.
Capslock: set the input mode to turn all typed letters into the uppercase or lowercase.

Before applying that on your device, you can also use CronusMAX to make your Xbox One support keyboard and mouse, Xbox 360 controllers in wired and more.

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