XBox one change settings to allow purchases error code PUR3001

When I go to the store to buy and download something literally on my XBox one, it pops up a message “Error code PUR3001. change your settings to allow purchases:your settings are blocking you from buying or downloading free or paid content. if you still want to buy this first change your settings to allow purchases. Parents will have to change this setting for children.” But the device have only one account and I don’t figure out how to resolve the problem.

If you have got the exact same purchasing issues on XBox one, it might be caused by your child account. You have setup you account as a child account and need to use your parent account to change it.

From home screen, go to the Setting > Privacy & online safety > Custom. In the the first box, change buying and what not option to only free content, and then change it back again. The problem should be fixed.

8 thoughts on “XBox one change settings to allow purchases error code PUR3001

  1. SharpSword78

    When i go to that option and try to change it it wont let me, it is literally stuck on “Only free content” What do i do

  2. Andy

    Microsoft have made this so complicated its almost unusable, unmanageable and completely insane. No wonder Apple are hoovering up.


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