XBox One Twitch app broadcast and share live gaming video

The Twitch app has been added on its latest home console XBox one by Microsoft. Once you have installed the March update, you are able to have the capability to broadcast your gameplay to the Internet in the world.

To get starting the stream games from the Xbox One, first you need a Twitch account by booting up the app and clicking sign up to have one. Once you have an established channel, select log-in option or the “broadcast” to hook into your own account.

Customize your stream in its Settings menu as you want
Kinect camera: turn it off/on
Broadcast title: Change the livestream name by USB or on-screen keyboard
Microphone: adjust its volume or disable it.
Quality: high, medium, or low bitrates.
By default the Twitch app recommend a bitrate. If you have 12 Mbps above download, you can stream the video at the highest quality (about 2,500 Kbps).

During a stream process, the Twitch runs in the background and you can snap it to the side to preview what the Kinect 2.0 camera is capturing or people say in your channel’s chatroom.

I have tested it with Call of Duty: Ghosts , but it also bounces down the framerate and impacts the performance. To fix the issues, it is easy to change the quality of the stream to be low.

One thought on “XBox One Twitch app broadcast and share live gaming video

  1. Markus Pöntinen

    I have 300M/20M internet connection and tested as well. Test results by OOKLA@336.39Mb/s / 19.98Mb/s.
    I am struggling problems with Twitch live streaming. When I using Twitch recommendation test option… It gives me results for recommended speed like 400kb… That´s not normal. I have checked my firewall options and all are OPEN. Where is the problem? Any ideas?


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