Xbox One Twitch Broadcast with Titanfall Problems

You might have experienced such problems when utilizing Twitch app to stream games on the Xbox One console. Microsoft is aware of it and are currently working on a solution but there is no timetable for the fix.

The Twitch broadcast issues are a known problem with the software of the app itself on Xbox One, even you have all appropriate settings and great internet bandwith.
1. When use Twitch in Titanfall online with my friends, the beginning of games becomes unplayable, becuase it is lag, and then becomes crash or freeze.
To resolve it, following the step by step:
* Remove the twitch app and save file on your Xbox One
* Access twitch website and disconnect the Xbox from your account.
* Get a new twitch url and reinstall it.

2. Can’t broadcast issues and make console unresponsive. I let it start a broadcast but it just v an eternity for apps and nothing hapeens. Try deleteing data and uninstalled and hard-resetting system and it still stays.
3. The streaming works fine unfortunately allthings stutter. When I start to play Titanfall and run Twitch, it keep getting me back to where I started.

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