Xbox One your store and pins apps aren’t available

I am unable to access to pins or the store app on my XBox one. When I log in successfully, I can use other apss like netflix but the store/pins are missing. It just shows up the error message “Your store aren’t available. Sorry about that. They should be back soon.” and “Having trouble connecting. It might be a problem on our side. We’re working on it.” on the screen.

Then I go to Setting and run a network troubleshooting, and it says all is fine. It seems to be a problem with xbox one at the moment. However, I am able to use any other apps/games and also stream video content.

If you also have got the same issues on your console, it is easy to fix it by any of the tips:
1. Power cycling the console definitely works. Press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds until it shuts down.
2. Do the hard reset to restore it to the factory default settings.
* From the Home screen, press the Menu button on the Controller, Select Settings > System > Restore factory defaults. Then select Yes button if it warns.

33 thoughts on “Xbox One your store and pins apps aren’t available

  1. Rob

    Yea unfortunately I had same problem, finally realized I don’t even have any real game save data except for Battlefield and hopefully that is stored on the server so I did the restore to factory default and it fixed it.

  2. Andy Barratt

    For future reference, it is faster, easier and safer (no data loss) to do this simply by doing a hard restart. With your Xbox One on, touch the power button and keep your finger their until the console cuts out. This powers it off all together, as opposed to just putting it in standby like normal. Then power on, voila, everything back to normal.

    1. JoeD

      Yeah. It’s easy, ‘cept that the problem reappears for no apparent reason. MS is like the opposite of King Midas.

    2. zfingar

      Clearing the mac address also works
      Go to settings > Network > advanced settings > alt mac adress > clear – xbox will restart and your problem solved

  3. Mate

    I waited for about 30 mins and the problem resolved it self I really didn’t wanna reset it being I own almost every game worth buying for the xbox one and have a lot of saved game data

  4. Joey

    I held the power button for 10 seconds and when I turned my xbox back on I had all my pins and the store back

  5. FeatureCreeep

    I was getting this exact problem and was about to reset back to defaults but I tweeted XBox Support first. They reminded me that turning the console “off” usually only puts it in power save mode so I held the power button until it shut down then unplugged the power supply from the wall until the light went out on the supply. I waited a few more minutes then plugged it back in and restarted and it’s working again. Hope that saves someone some time.

  6. Jeff

    You don’t have to do a reset, at least not as the first thing to try. Save that for a last resort.

    First, try going to settings -> Power & Startup -> change power mode to “energy-savings”. Then select Turn Xbox off. Once the xbox is off, you can turn it back on. This makes sure that the xbox doesn’t hibernate and does a full reboot. You can change it back to Instant-on after it boots up. This worked for me.

    Second, if the first step didn’t work, press and hold the power button on the xbox itself (the capacitive logo) for 10-15 seconds. This turns it off and then clears the system cache. Turn it back on and see if it’s working now.

    If these steps failed, then you may want to try doing a factory reset.

  7. Chris

    Why did they post a factory reset before suggesting the hard boot? GRRR, at least I didn’t have too much saved data as I only own 2 xbox ones games so far. Still re-installing all the apps is annoying.

  8. vssnstyle

    I am from holland got the same problem with store for about 2 weeks. If i do the hard reset i lose all my saves games downloads etc. Because the dutch store & local files arent available till the release of x1 in holland. I tried to switch my local from u.s.a. to u.k. when my xbox restarted it worked for store. So maybe you can get this one to by switching your local twices.

    Hope i helped you

  9. Elvir

    I had the same issue, what i did was go to settings – > system then select language & location then select your region and save/restart button. It will then hard restart your xbox one and pins will be fixed

  10. Kevin

    I just changed the name of my Xbox under systems which requires a restart and when it came back up it was all fixed

  11. isaac

    Go to settings,network settings,advanced settings,and clear the mac address. This will restart the system. It worked for me.

  12. Bataar

    Hard rebooting it works for me, however, the problem just keeps re-occurring. I believe this is caused by the recent March update as I don’t remember it happening before that. I’ll wait and see if it gets fixed with the next update. If not, I’ll look at MS to replace it under warranty.

  13. Josh

    Thanks peps hard reset worked for me thank god I didn’t end up factory resetting would fliped out all that work for nothing just to get pins and shop back just not worth it

  14. Jason

    Okay… So, I have been doing this “hold the power button until it shuts down” trick for about a month now. It works for about two or three days, then I get the “Having Trouble” error again. I think the problem stems from the Instant -On feature. Like so many of you, I use my Xbox One to watch TV and it is quite convenient to be able to turn the Xbox off by voice when the controller is MIA (lets face it, just like many of you; I too do not want to have to waste the energy by turn the unit off manually.. We live in the 21st century after all). I will add that I connect my Xbox wirelessly to my network. I have not yet tried to connect the Xbox directly to my router, but this task will take some doing.

    Does anyone else agree? Are you getting the same results that I am wired or wirelessly?

    1. Brian

      It’s likely not due to wireless. I can echo your exact comments aside from being hardwired. This is very annoying and occurs every few days. Perhaps an instant-on issue as you suggested, but it needs to be resolved.


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