Any Xbox One chatpad to controller

I have used my old Xbox 360 for a year and really love the Chatpad which is good for texting with friends, redeeming codes, and writing on Facebook or Twitter using your fingers. I just attached 360 chatpad to the back of the wired controller and then started the instant messaging. Now I will go to buy the next-gen console but can’t find any information for that.

There is no available Xbox One chatpad kit in the market since now. To instead of the optimised keypad for fast, thumbs-only typing, you can use the Smartglass app on your android, iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet to type messages. It is easier to message on my iPhone 4, and also has some issues, such as sometime the app take a long time to connect and lacks of landscape mode support.

Personally, I still would like to have the extra weight that the chatpad connected to controller. It seems that it is impossible to use xbox 360 chatpad to new wireless controller. Microsoft haven’t mentioned a chatpad, and maybe such new accessory will be Released soon.

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