Xbox One YouTube App upload videos directly and snap in gaming

The Xbox One’s YouTube app has added improved features starting April 8. Additionally, the update comes with the ability to add individual videos to your Pins, watch YouTube videos in Snap Mode, upload gameplay clips directly and others such as add your favourite channels to the OneGuide, and earn Media Achievements.

* You can now upload gameplay clips directly to the web video service. To utilise the feature, player need to use the Game DVR to record their video first. Then edit it with Upload Studio and click on the new “My Uploads” button to publish it directly to YouTube.

* Another good function is the snapped program. While you are playing a video game, you can snap youtube and then connect your phone with the app. And make a music playlist or search something and play on your console.
This is awesome news and many people expected it. Lacking of such options was disappointing. Now I am able to listening to stuff on YTB or stream music while playing forza5 game, but sometimes the video is really laggy while snapped. At the begin I got the horrible performance and then switched it to full screen and everything was fine.
However, I still suggest it could be built in other apps like skype and live ESPN.

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