Fix Xbox One onedrive not working and out of syncing

The SkyDrive is now known as OneDrive and I set it as my default upload on my Windows 8.1 computer and Windows Phone using my own online account. I have puted a bunch of video and my family photos files. However, when I launch the OneDrive app on Xbox one with enable all the sync settings, the headers display “Photos and Videos” and “Shared” and there is empty and nothing underneath. How can I fix the issues?

The OneDrive app seems to be many issues on the new console and I can not upload game DVRs from Upload Studios to it. If the onedrive is not working and out of sync on your Xbox One, you could try the tips below to reoslve the syncing problems:

First try uninstalling and reinstalling the OneDrive app.
* Open browser to access wesbite.
* Sign into your own Microsoft account, create a new folder, and then move your pictures into this folder. Right-click the folder, select “Properties”, go to Information tab and change the Folder type to Pictures.
* After you have done the above method, sign out of your console and sign in again to check if it is fine.

One thought on “Fix Xbox One onedrive not working and out of syncing

  1. Jose

    Some of the folders and videos in my onedrive do not do not come up on the xbox one. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, but that did not work. I also tried sharing the folders and videos again and that didn’t work either. All other steps I find are for xbox 360, even though the question is clear for XBOX ONE.


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