Fix Xbox One Twitch broadcast fail Problems

With the new update, Twitch Broadcasting feature is available for all Xbox One owners. Simple broadcast and watch your favorite games live instantly by saying “Xbox, Broadcast” command. However, every time I launch it and try to do that, the app just stops working and shows error “Broadcast Fail. We’re sorry, something went wrong with the broadcast.” message. Try making a re-installation, upgrading my internet but it doesn’t take any effects. How can i fix the issues?

If you get the streaming problem while utilizing Twitch to stream games on the Xbox One console, try any of the following solutions:
* First access and login to your own account and check if your email is verified. If it is not, you can’t broadcast.
For multiple ones, make sure no others has been signed in accept for you.
For a child account, it is not allowed to do that by the terms. In the Xbox Setting Privacy & Online Safety, configure the setting to Adult default.
* Within the app’s Settings, go to “Preferences”, and check “Allow broadcasts and Game DVR uploads” box to enable the feature.
* You might need to delete some of your saved data for freeing up the space. Then start broadcasting again and it should be working again.

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  1. Tuxedomask72

    With the twitch app it keeps on saying I’m broadcasting a game that I am not. Please configure the app so the broadcaster says what he broadcasts


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