Forza 5 Cannot skip intro video or play Two players mode

I have installed the forza 5 on my Xbox One console and everything is fine since today. When I run the video game and press A button to start it at the moment, the screen just show the cars in the intro video and there is no way to skip it. Pressing A button takes back to start screen and then stuck in an endless loop. It is irritating that sometimes I am able to play it but it doesn’t support the Two players mode. How can I fix the issues or get rid of the bugs?

Many people have got the same problem on their Xbox One while being unable to past the looping video or get two players mode working with Forza 5. To reoslve the problem, you have to manage cloud storage and delete all of your saving files you no longer need.
* From the Home screen, press the Menu button on your controller. Select My games & apps, and highlight the Forza 5.
* Press the Menu button and select “Manage game”.
* Scroll to the Saved Data, highlight the saved data with your gamertag, press A and select “Delete from console”. Once you’ve done, make the rebooting to apply all changes.

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