Transfer files to/from external Hard Drive formatted by Xbox One on Windows PC

Microsoft has rolled out June software updates to the Xbox One for gettting external storage, real names sharing and more features. I had install the update and connected a Seagate USB 3.0 3TB HDD to console. I formatted it through the build-in tool and move music onto it and everything works fine. Now I would like to transfer the movies and other files from my Windows PC to use with my HDTV. However, the drive seems to be not recognized and not responding. How can I fix the issues?

No officially. The Xbox One system is running a cut down version of Windows 8 OS basically. Once your external hdd has been formatted by the console and you plug it to computer, your PC won’t see this partition anymore, because the device has been formatted to XBOX mode, no NTFS type.

Actually, somebody has figure out how to copy files to and from an Xbox One USB formatted hard drive using a Windows PC. You need to use an app named Xbox One External Storage Device Converter 1.1 to change the MBR back. After you have done the method by this tutorial, your external hdd will show in My Computer/This PC of File Explorer.

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    1. lynchy

      I downloaded the program but it never found my external hard drive when I opened the program to try and do it after I formatted it on the Xbox. I literally tried everything, partitioned it and all.


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