Best/Top Xbox One Sports Games

There are currently many video game which simulates the practice of traditional sports on the market, but you would like to get the the best version generally. The Xbox One has the Kinect 2.0 sensor, so you can make the accurate and responsive tracking in the sports games.

Best/Top Xbox One Sports Games in 2014, 2015
* NBA 2K14 by 2K

It has brand new graphics engine allowing fantastic graphics, and also keeps perfection in terms of gameplay. Works great on your PS4 and Xbox One.
If you are legions of sports fans and gamers, it provides the best basketball gaming experience.
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Compared with the 2013-14, the NBA 2K15 is the next generation version with the unprecedented life-like graphics and ultra-realistic gameplay.

* Madden NFL 25 by Electronic Arts

An American football sports video game with Standard and Ultimate Edition.
The satisfaction overall package, customization level and the improvements gameplay is more accessible, though there are some small gripes riddled.
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* FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition by Electronic Arts

Now build your dream club.
It bring the adidas all-star team, three new goal celebrations and Lionel Messi accessibility.
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* NBA Live 14

It is easy to play and super fun.
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