Co-op not working A Player Has Disconnected in Dead Rising 3

We have got the broken CO-OP problem and can’t play our multiplayer while playing the Dead Rising 3 video game on Xbox One. When I try to join people or someone try to join me, the Co-op just stopped working and show the error “A Player Has Disconnected” message. If I go to send an invite to each other, it takes about ten seconds and then fails to say “try again later”.

I have setup the NAT to be opened and the wireless connection are fine. Try turning party chat on and off, installing the March updates, using wired connection and that don’t take any effect. However, I play the co-op Dead Rising 2 on old Xbox 360 and everything works without any issues. I will go to reset the Mac address on the console and it may clear up some party chat issues.

It seems that Dead Rising 3 co-op becomes unacceptable on the Xbox One. Many people also get the player disconnected message when they are try to join each other in co-op. Hope Microsoft or Capcom patch something for that quickly.

Anybody find a solution to fix the simple problem?

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