NBA 2k14 won’t recognize 2 Controllers to play local multiplayer

I and my brother can’t play NBA 2k14 game in two players model at home. Both controllers are working and are synced to the system as well as the lights are on. However, when we choose teams or sides, there is only one controller list there and no other player show up to decide which side to play. If I return back to the home screen, both of them can be used. How can I fix the issues?

Many users are able to play single player, but can not play multi player with a friend in NBA 2k14 game because it only recognizes a single controller, and the 2nd controller keeps disconnect. Then I called xbox support and here are the tips below to reolsve it:

* To get two Controllers working in the NBA 2k14, you need to create another profile/gamertag for the second controller and then make the both to sign into system.
In order to make the game recognize the controller, just sign the other one into live as a guest or others.
1. On the other controller, press the Home button and go to the top left.
2. Select a profile for it, and go back into 2k14.

One thought on “NBA 2k14 won’t recognize 2 Controllers to play local multiplayer

  1. Susan

    We did everything suggested including creating a new profile as a guest. When we click on guest profile it creates another one but doesn’t let 2 players play nba2k14.


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