Fix Xbox One we couldn’t get your latest saved data error

Everything was fine with my Xbox One since today. When I try to sign in my account to play the titanfall video game, it just pops up the error message “we couldn’t get your latest saved data”. It is super weird and the game data is not syncing and The same issues happens on every app and game like battlefield 4 or COD ghosts However if I go to run them on my PS4 and Xbox 360, the system works well without any issues.

Many people have got the “We couldn’t get your latest saved data” error while any launched game load up to the title screen on their Xbox One, even the current network status and Xbox Live Service work well. It seems to just happen after their network settings have been changed. Try resetting both router and cable, doing a hard reset are not working at all.

Then I called Microsoft customer support and he said that it was due to a corrupt file in the system. To reoslve the problem, the solution is to do a factory reset to reset the device back to Factory Default Settings.
* Go to the Home screen. Press the Menu button on the Wireless Controller.
* Select Settings > System > Restore factory defaults.
* Select “Yes” button for the warning message.

Update: Without factory reset, you just need to signing out your account, and then return to re-type your password and sign back in. Thanks for Koshatul in reddit.

If the error message is still appearing, you’d better go to clear local game saves from your console.

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