Manage your children/kids’ screen time on Xbox One and TV

A second grader always reliant on the computer for homework and projects and many parents are looking for ways to monitor screen and Xbox one or PS4 game time online. There are lots of parental control accessories for manage your children’s screen time, so your child can take more time to read and engage in active play.

* BOB – Screen Time Manager by Nextphase

This is a video Game Consoles accessory for managing the time your kids spend playing video games and watching TV/movies.
The Time Managers can protect family members from excessive TV time, control screen time, Xbox One console access and monitoring.
The Personal PIN access configure supports 1 parent master account and up to six child accounts, as well as Time-period feature blocks device use at certain times.

Order BOB Screen Time Manager from Amazon.

* VoltBolt Power Plug Lock-out included Keys

As a unique security product, the VoltBolt Power Plug Lock-out can lock out all appliances using an electrical cord and secure your electronics from unauthorized use. Prefectly limit TV/Gaming/Computer for sneaky smart 12 year olds and kids who wouldn’t get ready for school.

Simply attach it to any electrical device and turn key operation. My kid has no impulse control so I use it to limit access in a decisive way and it works exactly.

Order VoltBolt Power Plug Lock-out included Keys from Amazon.

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