Best/Cleanest PlayStation 4 Wall Mount and bracket

My 8 month old always try to pull my PlayStation 4 down whenever he could, so I am looking for a gamer invents cool solution to protect it. Finally I notice that the Wall Mount/bracket is the best choice. The accessory acts as security locking device and help you resolve the ran out of space problem. You could created a custom DIY one or use the following products available in the market, which are designed to hold and display the console in its vertical orientation.

Best/Cleanest PlayStation 4 Wall Mount and bracket
* Forza Designs Wall Mount Bracket

The Forza Designs Bracket comes with the cool factor and is made of high quaity US sturdy steel. It can be mounted up-right by sliding PS4 in from the top, and fitting snug.
The dimensions are L 11 x H 11 x W 1 inch, and it can be matched the flush appearance of a mounted flat screen TV.
With it, you can easily protect from accidental kicks, liquid spills, or from pets, even kids and children.
I followed the simple construction and make my PS4 neat on the wall. It fits perectly and the unit is INVISIBLE.

* HIDEit 4 by HIDEit Mounts

The mount is made in steel with a matte black powder coat finish and
its dimensions are 11.6 x 1 x 3.2 inches.
It gives you an affordable and reliable solution to float your PS4 on the wall and keep it secure, aswell as open full access to the Digital Out Port and the Power Port on the left.

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