Xbox One enable backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games

There is a big announcement pulled out by Microsoft. Xbox One add full Backwards Compatibility for Xbox 360 Games after Fall 2015, so users will be able to gain access to old Xbox 360 titles through digital download and your old retail discs, and also have early access to backwards compatibility for Microsoft’s home console. Developers and publishers can easily enable backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

This new feature is good for a ton of Xbox 360 gamers, and have select testers with only 21 supported games. More than 100 games will get backwards compatible function. However, if the Xbox 360 games require hardware accessories like Kinect, they are not wokring at all by this way, such as Rock Band, Dance Central and Rocksmith.

The full list of Playable Xbox 360 Titles for Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games
* A Kingdom of Keflings
* A World of Keflings
* Alien Hominid
* Banjo-Kazooie
* Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
* Banjo-Tooie
* BattleBlock Theater
* Defense Grid: The Awakening
* Geometry Wars: Evolved
* Hexic HD
* Jetpac Refuelled
* Kameo
* Mass Effect
* Perfect Dark
* Perfect Dark Zero
* Small Arms
* Super Meat Boy
* Toy Soldiers
* Toy Soldiers Cold War
* Viva Pinata
* Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise
* Zuma

The online multiplayer is fine for all Backwards compatible games. You can play it on Xbox One while your friend is using Xbox 360, or inviting friends on Xbox 360 to join a party.

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