Over-the-Air Digital TV Tuner Watch live TV on Xbox One

The Xbox One device combines video games, linear TV, and streaming video and is integrated with your over-the-air TV tuner. cable cutters are able to watch over-the-air broadcasts such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox through the console in your living room. I purchased the Hauppauge digital TV tuner which is a compatible OTA TV tuner and here is the review of the product.

The Hardware setup is to plug the Hauppauge tuner into any of the Xbox One’s USB ports. However, you need screw a compatible Mohu Antannae into coaxial input on the back of the tuner for watching broadcast channels with the tuner alone.

It is easy to configure the setting of software. You enter your zipcode and let the OneGuide downloads the guide (that is useless for me), and scan to find channels. Finally I pick up 60 channels.

I use voice commands throug Kinect such as “Watch ABC” or “Watch Fox” and everything works seamlessly. For snapping feature, I snap my SlingTV in the snapped window and also watch antenna TV in the main screen without any problem. But it seems to no way to adjust the volume separately for snapped window.

The Xbox Glass app is also useful. You can pause live TV and stream live TV, or watch live TV on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone.

If you are not a serious gamer and want to get rid of your cable, the over-the-air TV tuner compatibility make the Xbox One to become the ultimate media streamer and all-in-one entertainment system.

Order Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One.

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