Fix Xbox one playing game crashing to home screen

While I am playing the Forza or 2K on my Xbox One, the game suddenly freezes and crashes and then goes back to home screen dasboard. This has happened several times and make all my progress data losing. The system is up to data and I have also applied all app updates. Is this a common problem or a glitch?

It seems that specific app and game will returns you to the Home screen dasboard if freezes, instead of locking up your console. You could try the tips below to get rid of that.
If your Xbox One console are running many apps and games , they will suck up the memory and cause the problem. So you need to close out of them which you are not using completely for freeing up the RAM space. That like you do on your smartphone or tablets before playing a game.
* On the home screen, move over the squares of recently used apps and games, click the start button, and select “Quit” option from a pop up list.

Delete and Clear your system’s cache and the integrity of the game cache
* Hold down the Power button on your console for about 10 seconds and releasing.
* Unplug the power cable to disconnect with power brick and press the power button three times to get away remaining battery power.
* Then plug the power cable again and power it up. After the the system start up and boot back up, go to run the game to check if the issues is fixed.

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