How to Change Xbox One Gamertag Name on Windows 10

You might had created an old gamertag, or nickname on an Xbox 360 days ago or got it from Windows LIVE service but now just don’t have an Xbox One game console to change your own gamertag, You can also do that on PC while Xbox app is set of services integrated into Windows 10. Here is the how-to tips for that.

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag Name on Windows 10 within app
* On your Windows 10’s desktop, tap or click on the Start menu, and open the Xbox app.
* Tap or click your profile picture at the top-left corner to display all of your Xbox profile information.
* Under your picture the bottom of the profile pane, select the“Customize”button.
* Under your gamertag name, there is a Change gamertag option. Click on it to make change with that. However, Microsoft gives everyone only one free gamertag change, at least in theory. So if you have created your Xbox profile recently, you’d better enter a new gamertag carefully.

If you have used a free gamertag change, you have to pay an extra money to Microsoft to get this service.
* From any device, access Microsoft’s website in web browser, and login by the same Microsoft account which you use in Windows 10’s Xbox app.
* Go to the Xbox setting, and click on Change gamertag link.
* In its right pane, pick a new gamertag and click “Claim it!”button to buy the “Gamertag Change” service and apply that.

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