How to play background music and audio on Xbox One

The latest system update called Summer Update brings many new features to Xbox One console, such as Cortana, Improved Game Collection and more. Background Music is the highly requested feature and offers a way for you to listen to your favorite music in the background while playing video game. I always want to play a movie with background music paying instead of the movie soundtrack, and it is perfect.

How to enable and play audio in the background on your Xbox One

Note: Make sure your console have installed the Summer Update or is on the Xbox One Preview.
* First open the app store, search for Xbox One Background Music, Groove Music or the podcasting app ‘Cast’, download and install it. They are background audio apps, and Pandora, YouTube app myTube will join the background audio party.
Xbox One background music can also work with a USB drive, but you need to create a specifically named folder on your plugged USB drive and store music files in that folder to recognize.
* Open any of the apps like Cast, use its search tools to find a podcast you would like to listen, and move the cursor to select the play button.
* Move into play a games and use other apps to begin multi-tasking while the system is still play the audio.
* Double-tap the Xbox button on your controller to snap the guide for accessing the background audio controls. The system will select the Multitasking tab automatically. You can also take controls with audio from the menu, such as track skipping, the full-screen button to jump back, and configure background audio volume mixer.

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