How To Turn Off Narrator voice talking in Xbox One

Everything worked fine since the recent update had applied on my Xbox One console. The system keep saying everything which I select through dashboard aloud while navigated. It was incredibly annoying and randomly started doing it. Somebody talk me it is Narrator function that is a screen reader for reading text, buttons, and other elements but I could not figure out how to disable annoying voice commentating settings.

How To Turn Off Narrator voice talking in Xbox One
* The quick way is to say“Xbox, turn off Narrator.” with your voice, or “Hey Cortana, turn off Narrator.”with Cortana.
You could disable it completely in the Ease of Access section of Settings.
* From the Home screen, scroll left to open the guide, and select Settings.
* Select All settings, and then Ease of Access.
* Go to the right pane, click on Narrator, and then press the A button on your controller to turn Narrator off. Press the A button again will turn it on again.
By your controller
The Creators Update also add the ability to use a controller to handle Narrator interactions on Xbox One consoles, such as making changes with pitch and speed for the Narrator voice.
* Go back to Home screen, hold the Xbox button on your controller to get the power bar and the controller also vibrate.
* Press the Menu button under the Xbox button on the controller, and slightly offset to the left.

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