Listen Google Play Music in background on Xbox One

After years of waiting, the Anniversary Update brings the ability to listen to your favorite music in the background when you are playing any video games on Xbox One console. Currently you can only use Cast, Pandora, or Microsoft’s Groove Music from the Windows Store to do that. Groove Music can play music from OneDrive stored files on your account, but you might would like to find a way with Google Play Music and here is the how to tutorial for that without rooting the device.

How to listen the Google Play Music in the background on Xbox One
* It requires your android phone or tablet. On your android device, Download and install BubbleUPNP from Google Play store.
* Tap the BubbleUPNP to open it, go to the Library option, select Cloud, > Google Music, and set to allow it to sync.
* On your Xbox One console, tap the Xbox button on your controller to go back to the home screen, open Windows store, download and install VLC Media Player.
Open the VLC app, select the browse option, click the BubbleUPNP and pick up the Google Music, and playing your favorite music. You are able to upload your entire music library on Google Play Music from multiple devices and then listen them by this way.
* Open your game to play and that music still continue playing louder than the sound from game.

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