Fix Xbox One Do you own this game or app error 0x87de07d1

I had played several games using disc with my Xbox One without any issues. For those days, I always dis-connect in various different video games and get dropped out with this error “Do you own this game or app? if you have a game disc, insert it now. if you purchased it online, make sure you are signed into Xbox live. if you do not have the rights to play it, you will need to get it at the Xbox store. (0x87de07d1) or Error code 0x803f8001″. Making the power cycle can get it fine but then that happen again. It is really annoying for that and offers a horrible experience. How can I resolve it?

If you get the message “Do you own this game or app error 0x87de07d1” or “Error code 0x803f8001” when trying to play digital games on your Xbox One S or original Xbox One Console, it means that you never set it as home console. The problem always appears whenever there is any temporary internet disconnection. Here is the how to tips to get rid of it.

How to setup or designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox
* From Home screen, scroll left to open the Guide.
* Select the Settings, and go to All Settings > Personalization.
* Then select My home Xbox option, review the information carefully, and pick up “Make this my home Xbox” to configure the console as your home Xbox.
For some games, you need to sign in and connect to Xbox Live. The above setting will allows you to play your games once your internet becomes crap. If you are worrying about somebody can play your games without sign in if the console gets stolen, the best way is to remove the designation by select “This is not my home Xbox” option.

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