Fix Xbox One keep disconnecting from Xbox Live with Fifa/COD game

When I was playing the rainbow six siege situations on my Xbox One and tried to get all three stars, the console kept disconnecting from Xbox Live. It was frustrating that it got a connection, dropped 15 seconds later and repeated the way. I also lost connection to Xbox Live while playing GTA V, Fifa 15 and COD AW all online games and got those warning messages such as You have disconnected from X box Live, or You must have an active network connection to play Xbox Live or System Link matches.

A few users have faced the problem about that the Xbox Live often disconnects on their Xbox One. It always go out and back on every like from 10 to 15 seconds, no matter the Wireless or wired connection. You could try the following solutions to resolve the problem.

How to fix the Xbox One keep disconnecting from Xbox Live
* First you’d better check the Xbox Live Service Status from the link. The Xbox Live server may constant DDOS and becomes slowly.
* I have use Wired connection through a netgear powerline and my powergrid often dropps of the connection from the ethernet. I plug it into the wall directly and not an extension, or change with a different Ethernet cable and it’s fixed..
* hard resetting your console, and unplug the back right cable. Restarting your router, unplug and replug it, and also reset your modem. Let them unplugged for minutes and connect them again.
* The old switch with my wired connection may cause the power problems and others. Change it with a new one.
* You account information had been corrupted on xbox live website. Login to xbox live page to see if your birthday and email include weird random characters. If it does, you have to delete this one and re-add your account on xbox.

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