How to link/find Facebook friends on Xbox Live for Xbox One

With the Summer Update, users are able to link their Facebook account to Xbox Live account on Xbox One console and WIndows 10 PC. Once you’ve joined the party, it will display the Facebook friends who have also connected their accounts to the internet network, without manually search for their gamertag or name. Here is the how-to tips for that.

How to link/find Facebook friends on Xbox Live for Xbox One (S)
For Xbox One, or Xbox One S
Note: Make sure you have applied the Summer Update in the system.
* Open the Guide menu by double-tapping the Xbox button on your wirelless controller.
* Navigate to Friends list (tab), and choose Suggestions option.
* In the Suggested Friends area, select the “Find Facebook friends”, type your Facebook account credentials (name and password). After you have logged in successfully, your friend will be loading in the list and you are able to pick up any of them to add.

The Windows 10 tablet/computer or Windows 10 Mobile phone also offer the same functionality for you to achieve that. And the website also add the functionality for that so you can do that through any browser.
* Tap or click on the Start menu, type Xbox to search it, and select Xbox app from the results. Or you can get it through your app list.
* At the bottom of the hamburger menu, click on the settings section (a cogwheel).
* Click the Link Facebook account option, and enter your FB log-in details

However, it seems to be invasion of privacy so a few people don’t want to connect their own FB account to any other service. The Xbox Live still lack of LinkedIn or Twitter integration.

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