Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 disconnect after Summer Update

The Windows 10 Xbox app offers a simple way to stream video games from Xbox One to your PC when both devices are on the same network, without taking your console away from the living room. I was able to stream and play our Xbox games on my laptop using a 5G N connection in the backyard well. However, after installed the Summer Update, the streaming game function keeps disconnecting. I can not get the connection longer than 60 second and get “We lost the connection to the console” error while I always still hear game audio. How can I resolve the problem?

I have used an Xbox One S via wired and a Surface 4 with Wi-Fi network. the stream kept dropping every 10 seconds or more after my console applied the Xbox One Summer Update. Updating the Xbox app definitely does not fixed the problem. To improve that, I unplug the Ethernet cable and set it up for Wireless. Then open the side bar menu on Xbox and select the restart and I could get get a good hour time for that.

The latest version of Xbox App seems to fix the lag streaming issue, but I noticed that some games stutter every 30 seconds or 6 minutes and some people still get the broken live stream service.. You could try the solution to get rid of that.
* On your Xbox One (S), open the All Settings, go to Preferences > Xbox app connections. For the second option, change the default to “Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox”.
* If you have a disc of the retail version of a game in your Xbox one, it should break the stream every minute so you’d better take disc out.

Another method by switched the device name
* On Windows 10 PC, open the Xbox app, go to the More options list, click on the “Forget console” button.
* Return to your console, go inside the setting and changed the console name from “XboxOne” to others like Xbox-One. Then restart the device.
* Finally reconnected the connection to check if it is working.

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