Xbox One S get 4K BluRays freezing/lagging issues

I have replaced my original Xbox One with the 1TB Xbox One S Madden bundle, so I could play 4K HDR Blu Rays on it with a 65 inch Samsung KS8000 HDTV. However, I kept getting many serious problems with Blu-Ray App. The first time it was correctly read then didn’t work at the second time. I purchased Star Trek (2009) which is HDR capabilities and played the movie to check testing and it was always hanging ups and lagging. That was mostly quick and sometimes it ran into major freeze with lots of 4K BluRays videos, particularly in HDR mode.

On my Xbox One S console, I have adjust some video/audio and used those configured setting for video, such as 4K Resolution, 10-bit (30 bits per pixel) Color depth, Allow everything except 3D model. For my TV, I use those setting: 4K Resolution, Movie Mode, and have switched to HDR mode upon detection.

It seems to be bugs on Xbox One S and many people have reported that their X1S is experiencing the frame freezing with 4K BluRays. I checked the rtings website and it didn’t find any issues of juddering for playback. I pressed the Xbox power for about ten seconds for cleaning the Cache and changed disc but the Blu-Rays still didn’t run properly.

Update: There is no issues with my HDTV or the UHD Blu-Ray discs. Because I returned my purchased original Xbox One S and exchanged for a brand new one and the problem is resolved. Now I use One S as Blu-Ray player to watch the UHD discs well.

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