Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K UHD with Xbox One S

I am able to use a Marantz 5010 AV Surround Receiver to upscale everything on my TV to 4K resolution, while the TV does not support 4K itself. When I get a band new Xbox One S and plugged the HDMI cable between the console and the receiver, the resolution is only up to 1080p, because I find the results in Video output by Settings > Display & Sound. I also could not get 4K in Advanced video settings, and it reports those error messages “Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K UHD (60Hz). Video output won’t be upsacaled to 4k”, or Your TV setup doesn’t support 4K at 50Hz. You won’t be able to watch content at 4K 24Hz if I try to watch 4k movie.

Once you select the 4K UHD resolution in the Setting of Xbox One S and get the That didn’t work, or “4K is supported by your TV, but not at 60Hz. You won’t be able to upscale to 4K, but, depending on your TV, you may still be able to play some 4K and HDR content. To see what your TV supports, choose 4K TV details.”, that means your TV doesn’t work with a 60 Hz refresh rate, or even 4K resolution. So you can not upscale the video and games to 4K and still play 4K content at low refresh rates. If not, the Solution is to use the HDMI cable included with the XOne S, or a different new HDMI cable.

If your TV doesn’t support 4K resolution naturally, you must to upgrade your television to 4K HDTV at 60Hz for resolving the problem. There are a lof of choice for that to choose on from the market. Here is the best 4k HDR TV recommend.

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