Cannot send message Messaging isn’t working for your account

After installed the most recent update on my Xbox One, I am unable to send a message to my friend or others via Xobx live on console. Everytime I open an existing conversation and type text message to send, the screen shows the “Messaging isn’t working for your account” error or I get another “Message failed to send” while tried that with someones profile. How can I fix the issue?

How to fix Messaging isn’t working for your account on Xbox One
* First make sure your account have not been banned. You could check your enforcement actions via website. If you have sent unnecessary messages or use your mic for cursing , your account will get com banned. In the addition, if your ISP has blocked Skype, you also face the same problem.
* hold the Xbox button until the console fully shut off. It will clear the cache and then re-power it up to check if it is fine.
* Scroll left on the Home screen to open the Guide menu, and select Settings > All Settings. Under network settings, select the Additional settings in the left side and go to alternate mac address. Then hit clear button and make a rebooting to re-setup internet network and
Another way by update your security information
* Access site in browser and log into your current account.
* Go to update your security info, such as enable 2-step verification, delete old payment options and update all your contact info. Once you have done that, the messaging will work normally wit Xbox Live on your Xbox One.

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